South Florida Food, is a food manufacturer and a family owned business that is established in Hollywood, Florida.

Our plant, USDA and FDA approved, is dedicated to the production, wholesale distribution and retail commercialization of assorted Latin flavors such as empanadas, tequeños, pandebono, pizzas and much more.

Our high quality products are ideal for large gatherings and exclusive events such as business meetings, special events, parties and celebrations.

The products are packaged in assorted formats and sizes, providing an option for full meals, anytime snacks or appetizers.

All of our products are signature products crafted in the USA. We are proud of always being awarded the highest grades and ratings from customers and partners.

Our passion for great flavor and for value come are perceived in every bite you take.

We supply quality products to companies like yours, for companies to indulge their customers with flavor-rich products at competitive prices.

Once our products are added to businesses, they usually enjoy doubled and even tripled the sales volume and profit.

You are just a call away from enjoying higher revenues and profits.

We are at your service and available to schedule the delivery of samples for you to taste and be captivated by our art.